Use Pay Per Click advertising to increase sales
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a very powerful and cost effective way to advertise.

If setup and executed properly, any business using a PPC campaign will see an increase in sales and profit. We can setup and manage PPC campaigns for clients that can achieve these results.

When setting up a PPC campaign there are various key factors that need to be addressed. Below is a general breakdown of some of the important aspects of setting up a successful campaign.

PPC Services

There are various PPC services out there that can be used to generate leads. We think the most effective are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Adwords offers a more targeted option for your ads. Facebook ads do offer some targeting but tends to be more passive in its lead gathering.

Each option has it’s pros and cons and may or may not be optimal depending on the type of ad campaign that is being run. When setup properly both can and will generate leads and traffic that will result in any goals that are set.

Keywords and Targeting

After it is decided what PPC services are going to be used , targeting options need to be determined. For Adwords keywords need to be found and used so when people type them into Google the campaigns ads will show up in the search results. For Facebook the targeting is not generally triggered by someone typing a specific search. In Facebook, targeting is achieved using demographics geography and various demographics and interests of the users being targeted.

Regardless of which ad service is used proper targeting is vital to the success of the campaign.

Landing Pages / Ads / Websites

Once a campaign is up and running it will start generating traffic. This traffic should generally be sent to a web page of some sort. You can also have phone numbers or other contact information directly in the ads. At minimum, landing pages describing the product / service / event / or general target of the ad campaign will need to be setup. When people click on the campaign ad they will be directed to the landing page. This is where the main information about the campaigns target will be described and offered.

Here there could be phone numbers, email addresses, contact forms and whatever other information might be needed. This could be a single landing page on its own domain or part of a bigger website. Flyers, videos or graphic ads with extended information in them can also be used while still using a lander page a secondary information source.

PPC Lead Tracking

As ad campaigns are running and generate clicks and traffic it will be important to keep track of the various statistics related to the campaign. There are many important aspects involved with analyzing the data. It will be vital to understand the data so that changes can be made over time to maximize and optimize the effectiveness of the campaign.

It will be important to determine the best performing ads so they can be grouped and setup to bring a reliable and expected performance. The goal is to create ongoing campaigns that will bring predictable traffic and results as this will allow success to be achieved over and over again.

Call Tracking

If phone numbers will be used in an ad campaign it will be very important to be able to track all calls generated by the campaign. Regardless of who is answering incoming campaign calls it will be helpful to have a full log of all calls. This includes an audio recording of the call or a text transcript. Notes and other information for incoming calls such as the callers number, the target number and the time and duration of the call is also useful.

It will be vital to be able to easily audit all incoming calls over the life of a campaign.