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San Diego Web Design and Social Network Development


Sixeed is a web development company dedicated to providing superior design and software development solutions, through our commitment to maximizing the creative process, considering tomorrow’s trends and technologies, and delivering with integrity and professionalism.

Sixeed offers a solution for those that are interested in taking their social network ideas from concept to reality.

As many of you know, there is a tremendous opportunity for making money in the social network market. Look around the internet for the most lucrative and financial strong business models and you are sure to come to the quick realization that SOCIAL NETWORKS are very popular and generate incredible amounts of revenue for their founders and shareholders.

Sixeed has proprietary software that can be customized to your exact specifications. Whether you want to start a social network for passionate and aspiring chefs to diehard fans of golf. It is a proven business model that if you cater your network to aficionados of any subject or topic, you will see individuals signing up and they will begin to interact and share ideas with others that share those similar interests.

It is then up to you as owner to reach out to your registered users and grow your business whether it be by having items to sell, upselling users to paid membership options or by affiliate marketing options.

The sky is the limit…

So if you have a million dollar idea well written out on paper for the next “Facebook”, contact Sixeed today to begin the process of launching your very own social network.

Sixeed can be reached at 619-333-6850

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